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The Yogvan family is synonymous with holistic wellbeing & self-discovery through the science of Yoga - not just the physical aspect of Yoga (Hatha Yoga) but also its philosophy (Raja Yoga).
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At the very core is a deep desire to help individuals understand their own bodies and minds, harness their true potential and lead healthy & happy lives.
We assist individuals desiring change by applying yogic principles, modern science and wisdom. The idea is to help people gradually center back to their being and equip them to deal with multifaceted challenges. The organization looks to inspire people to achieve a balanced body-mind state leading to more balanced lives. For more than 20 years now, Yogvan offers time-tested & innovative programmes that help cater to the diverse lifestyles challenges of our rapidly paced world. We believe in creating natural, practical & sustainable solutions for our people.
The following programmes are offered at Yogvan:

  • Yoga

  • Preggy Yoga (Prenatal)
  • Enlightened Pregnancy & Parenthood Workshop
  • Corporate Workshops on Yoga & Lifestyle Management
  • Lifestyle Counselling
Each program is laced with a simple wisdom, of first identifying what one needs to alter to cater to the imbalance that has been caused, and then aligning the process of change in a natural way by abiding to the laws of nature.