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Tuesday – Thursday : 7.30 – 8.30 am  /   Saturday: 7.30 – 9am

This niche workshop is for pregnant couples, ones who intend to start a family & also newly-weds. It uses Eastern traditional knowledge coupled with Western modern science to enhance the holistic health of the mother & the baby in the womb

This programme will help you nurture the child's inherent genius, vision and intuition, with the help of a holistic, scientific & traditional approach. It will also help you discover your own self , your own value system, your own conditionings and much more which we unconsciously try to pass on to our children! This very awareness can lay the foundations of a very cohesive family ambience.

A unique program for couples intending to start a family as well as for those who already expecting a child in the coming months. It takes them through all the phases of the child from the stage of before and during conception, pregnancy and after birth.

All factors responsible for making a child of very special attributes and higher intellect. This enriched with holistic yoga makes it a powerful program for the child yet to arrive in the world and the parents especially the mother who is well equipped physically/ emotionally/ mentally for the most important event and creation in life.