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Monday – Wednesday – Friday: 7.30 – 8.30 am  /   Saturday: 7.30 – 9am

Preggy Yoga is a dedicated class for pregnant women. The best time to start prenatal Yoga would be as soon as the doctor can give permission and that is usually from the 4th month. Though, if the lady is active and healthy and able to do normal movements comfortably she can start anytime. When a pregnant women does yoga it leads to a healthy heart, strong lungs and a happy pregnancy coupled with a much smoother delivery and a healthy baby.

Yoga postures done during pregnancy are usually an extension of normal positions. As a precaution twists and forward bends are avoided. Special attention is given to each lady to cater to her specific needs and her regime is customised to suit that need. Doing yoga in a group also helps the ladies relate to each other and share individual experiences which equip them from multiple perspectives.

Pranayams and mediations sessions help in supplying the body with good dosages of oxygen, calm the mind and rejuvenate your entire being. All of this has a direct impact on the baby in the womb and ensures vibrant health. It makes the expectant mother very confident of herself and coping with the growing changes in her body and doing away with all the myths that surround pregnancy.

Prenatal yoga helps the pregnant lady relate and connect to her body in a very natural way. It helps build confidence and do away with all the fears and myths that tend to take away from the joy of pregnancy.

Vandana Trivedi is also in constant touch with the ladies and providing them online support.

Tuesday – Thursday: 8 - 9 am   /   Saturday: 7.30 – 9 am